#1 Skincare Line for Men

#1 Skincare Line for Men

Refresh your clear skin routine with specially designed skin care for men.

Washing: 4 Facial Foes

You may think removing dirt and oil is as simple as cleansing. But frequently, the things you use to wash your face may be guilty of depositing dirt or bacteria, themselves:

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Bacteria thrive in damp environments. So if you’re going to use one on your face, use a fresh one each time.

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Shower Sponges

Like washcloths, they can breed bacteria and transfer it to your face.

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Dirt on your hands can wind up on whatever they touch. So be sure to wash them before washing your face.

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Bar Soap

Consider this: that bar has already been on your feet, underarms and... well, you get the idea.

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Shaving: 4 Irritating Habits

Using a high performance shave cream can be a big help in reducing irritation. But there are other sneaky culprits behind the burn, bumps, and cuts. Cut these out of your shaving routine to help achieve smoother results, painlessly:

Shaving Irritating Habit 1

Washing with Cold Water

Use warm water to soften the hairs for a more comfortable shave. Cold water may not soften hair as much, which can sometimes cause your razor to tug rather than cut.

Shaving Irritating Habit 2

Shaving Against the Grain

Some guys do it to get a closer cut. But, shaving against the grain could also lead to ingrown hairs and irritation. Follow the grain to avoid the pain.

Shaving Irritating Habit 3


Shaving without water or gel is a quick way to irritate your skin. Soften your beard with warm water before lathering up for a closer, more comfortable shave.

Shaving Irritating Habit 4

Alcohol Based Aftershaves

They sting and they can dry out your skin. Choose an alcohol-free lotion or balm to soothe and re-hydrate your freshly shorn face instead.

Don’t Splash and Burn

Help soothe, and re-hydrate your skin to help prevent razor irritation. Out of respect, choose our Triple Protect Face Lotion, and apply after washing skin with cool water and patting dry. This will help ensure your face feels hydrated —not like it’s on fire.

Face Lotion Triple Protection

Pat Dry

Rinse Cold

Use Triple Protect Face Lotion

Rub aggressively

Rinse hot

A Pre-Shave Protection Plan

Most guys naturally wait until they have razor burn to treat it. But, because shaving can leave your face dry and susceptible to irritation, it’s important to build your skin’s defenses before the bumps and burn even start. This pre-shave protection plan can help.

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Remove dirt and oil, which can lead to irritation

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Clear away dead skin cells to help you get a close shave.

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Warm Up

Soften hairs with warm water so they’re easy to cut

4 Surprising Times to Fight the Burn

Sunshine on your cheeks might make you happy, but your face needs protection. Without it, the sun’s UV rays could lead to wrinkles, spotty skin or even skin cancer. Check this list for some unexpected times when you should be safeguarding your skin with a broad-spectrum SPF moisturizer:

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In the Car

While you’re soaking up the scenery, your face is still soaking up harmful UV rays via the windows. Drive safely, with the protection of broad-spectrum SPF.

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At Work

Maybe not as obvious, but still a good idea. Can you see the sun through a window? It sees you, too. Protect yourself.

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Cloudy Days

The sun can actually do damage when it’s hidden, because you don’t suspect it’s reaching your skin. Applying protection as if it were sunny is always a bright idea.

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Every Day, Every Season

Truth is, the sun can damage your skin year-round. So basically, if you’re awake and it’s daytime, you should be wearing broad-spectrum SPF.

Specially Formulated for You

There’s no doubt that men’s skin is different from women’s skin. Neutrogena® Men skin products use specially designed technologies that address the unique needs of men’s skin, while leaving them feeling confident and looking their best.

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Helioplex® Technology

Helps provide powerful UVA-UVB protection. Photostable formulas provide long-lasting sun defense.

Skin specifically formulated for men 2

Pro-Soothe® Technology

Works on contact to shield sensitive skin from shaving irritation. Helps skin look and feel healthy and comfortable.

Skin specifically formulated for men 3

Salicylic Acid

Products effectively remove oil and dirt trapped in pores. Actively treats and helps prevent future breakouts.